Where is your bigger picture focus nowadays?!?!....

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Where is your bigger picture focus nowadays?!?!....

So guys, what is that???
so far we had nice spikes that showed nice sl hunts and bull traps, all this goes in same pattern of distribusion inside a very strong trend line ....
we had 1 big spike above it which was a huge manipulation fake out...
and now the last spike didnt result fall??? and we are right under heavey resistance levels, right under the trend line down, and above it we have the e50....

mark my words, we either preparing for a huge break down, or someone is trying to manipulate another big fake out.
Thus the plan is like so:
1. Laddering shorts between 7650-7700.
2. If we break above 7700, then 7970-8245
on both cases my first target is going to be 6940.

* remarks:
- still dropping in volume buying power (only manipulation gives picks of volume due to bots and such, but no real bullish interest movers are showing up)
- we still have many strong clouds to suppress
- we are on bearish market thus the focus should be on shorts
- we are under the main 2nd trend line which started this entire bull run, we broke below it which means we are going to keep on going down for long period to around 5.5k atlist! (Which is also 0.7 fib' level since the 2nd trend line started)
- e200 and e50 death crossed on daily, this has to be long term impact , especially since on weekly we are under the e21...

its that simple, dont follow all that noise out there, either follow the pure PA, or follow the basics of TA, or look how shity is the BTC fundementals this year, and especially sentimentals.... and focus on shorts.



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