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I will see it in the short term.

I think the current BTC movement is trying to stop the downtrend as shown in the daily chart .
Efforts have been made to gradually raise the lows while absorbing the downtrend.
This move created a new short-term uptrend line.

The above move is taking place on the upward trend line , which I consider important, and the movement to absorb the downtrend is taking place above 7298.

If I break and break all the points I've been talking about, there's a sharp drop of course.

The current 1H chart shows that it is falling as part of the move to exceed 700MA.

Will rise again to challenge the 700MA.

At this time, it must break through and get 700MA support.

Changing all the flows at once is not an easy task and requires time and effort to change the flow.

A chart of the movement to stop the downturn was published on Twitter . Note please.


In countries around the world, there is a rapid movement to place the crypto asset market within the institutional sphere.

In a word, I think this is money.



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