Bitcoin 4hr chart- 1 month Bband

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Bitcoin 4hr chart- 1 month Bband

This is more to track what Im thinking ATM for future reference so take it for what it is. Just figured Id post it public - cause why not..

Looking at MA and Volumes appears bears are strong but several things including BBands and Fisher point to a move north. Last analysis had a trading channel that disintegrated as price support stayed at 8640 level. Decent chance we see a dip to 8500 then pump north of 9000 (kinda sticking to my last prediction for now which has not materialized yet.)

Alot of traders are anecdotally turning short (MA/death cross/blah blah) and one can argue dump incoming. I do agree if bears emerge then it could dump fairly hard. Ive seen some saying wait till 8550 then go short or 8750 then go long but Im not sure that is effective strategy short term-depends on volume mostly IMO .

BUT Based in part on Bband and Fisher I see the move is signalling LONG. Manipulation trigger has decent chance of happening around 2200-0200UTC type thing. I am expecting a dump and then pump during this time frame.

Id lean to going long at 8500-8550 ish and short 8800 ish short term depending on violence of next manipulation move. tight stops.

I am not in a trade yet but will update when I do jump in.

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