ridethepig | $16,000 In Play For BTC !!!

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ridethepig | $16,000 In Play For BTC !!!

As expected... an interesting day for BTC and other major Cryptos with risk under pressure once more from the latest Apple announcements. There is little to update on the fundamental side, with BTCUSD finding support at $9,500 as expected. Risk is likely to remain under pressure today so buying dips is and remains the strategy. A break of $10,000 will likely see further upside towards the $13,000 initial swing target as stops and momentum buying kicks in.

For those following the BTC swing from $6,600 it has been a very easy ride:

You will notice how the advance was clean as troops were marched towards the border:

Destroying the defence ...like a knife through hot butter:

CME Launch was superb news for BTC ... we made it in the big leagues:

The question then became centred around seizing the breakout...

Before transferring the attack from a simple retrace towards an impulsive nature:

You will notice the momentum kicking in now, all dips will attract significantly more demand interest. Those in from the lows its time to sit back with a huge grin on your face. This has been a clean and simple ride with a flawless example of trading a +60% move...

I hope it has helped... Thanks guys.




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