Now what? Alot more green!

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Now what? Alot more green!

As you can see my prediction line held up for a long time and then suffered a quick fatal blow as I warned it had a 50% chance of. But quickly got back on track. In order to go up the price must be above my prediction line until day close tonight. After day candle closes tonight the line no longer holds the value it did. But i believe that the trend will hold for a while.

I believe we will close up in the $10200-$10400 range for the daily candle - i also believe we will goto $12,000 on this uptrend. As always their will be temporary dips etc but i will be keeping my position open until the uptrend ends or $12,000

My open last night when i posted my last idea was 9645 and it stop closed at $9740. I just happened to get very lucky and wake up when it was at the bottom of the dip and rebought at $9645 lol. Although i only bought a third of the contracts that I had yesterday because i was on 3 hours of sleep and definitely was not going to be doing any TA to see if something changed and we were going down, so i just quickly bought 1/3rd contracts, set 2 stops at $9550 and $9470 and went back to sleep. Later on when i got up And we where at $9800 and i knew my prediction would hold I added on BCH since it was the coin that had not only not recovered yet but went down more recently.

Good luck everyone and hope everyone made money



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