$btc the king

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$btc the king

everyone looks up to him, wonders what his move will be.
i would say i have a slight bias long over shorting here, at same time i think fakeout break of range first, and see what happens there, if rejection from first move good.
if move is real and keeps going, ok go with it.
Btc is the king of trolls.

cheap btc is easier to pump alts
/btc alts look like they are getting really primed.
is btc gonna moon before halfing and alts go nuts as ppl hoard btc?
then dump it all?
Maybe. Thats what Id do.

Could be wrong and we go straight to 3k, alts die losing 75% of usd value lol.
Mar 28
Comment: lets see if we can make 6250 or so support again.
i have a feeling the way alts are going we are in a large range 7-6k on btc next while. maybe play around here a bit 6-6300 before moving more up (back in the 7-6500) or downwards to below 5500.



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